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One & Two Years Diploma

All Technical courses required minimum One year past Experience in specific field

Courses In One Year Diploma
Communication & Language
Diploma Courses
Education Sector
Engineering (Required min one Year Experience)
Hotel Industry
Paramedical Technologies
Professional Diplomas
Project Management
Technical Courses on RPL ( Experience Based Diploma )
Communication & Language   Top
   Diploma in Arabic Language
   Diploma in Business English
   Diploma in Business Letters
   Diploma in Business Letters for Powerful Communication
   Diploma in Business Writing
   Diploma in Chinese Language
   Diploma in Commercial Correspondence
   Diploma in Crime Writing
   Diploma in Dari-Pashto Language
   Diploma in Dutch Language
   Diploma in English Language
   Diploma in English Language Development
   Diploma in Excellence in Business Communication
   Diploma in French Language
   Diploma in German Language
   Diploma in Japanese Language
   Diploma in Korean Language
   Diploma in Proofreading & Editing
   Diploma in Spanish Language
   Diploma in Spoken English
   Diploma in Urdu Language
Diploma Courses  Top
   Diploma in Accounts Management
   Diploma in Advance Computer Architecture
   Diploma in Advance Financial accounting
   Diploma in Advanced Financial Accounting
   Diploma in Advertising & Promotion
   Diploma in Algorithms
   Diploma in Art and Craft
   Diploma in Artificial Intelligence
   Diploma in Auditing
   Diploma in Auditing ( Islamic Banking )
   Diploma in Aviation and Airport Security
   Diploma in Bank Auditing
   Diploma in Beautician / Beauty Parlor
   Diploma in Brand Management
   Diploma in Broadcasting
   Diploma in Building Construction
   Diploma in Business
   Diploma in Business & Finance Management
   Diploma in Business Administration & Management
   Diploma in Business and Labour Laws
   Diploma in Business and Technical English Writing
   Diploma in Business Communication
   Diploma in Business Ethics
   Diploma in Business Finance
   Diploma in Business Mathematics & Statistics
   Diploma in Calculus And Analytical Geometry
   Diploma in Cell Phone Forensic
   Diploma in Change Management
   Diploma in Civil Technology
   Diploma in Clinical Physiology
   Diploma in College & University Management
   Diploma in Commercial and Corporate Law
   Diploma in Communication
   Diploma in Communication Skills
   Diploma in Community Journalism
   Diploma in Compiler Construction
   Diploma in Computer Architecture
   Diploma in Computer Graphics
   Diploma in Computer Network Technician
   Diploma in Computer Networks
   Diploma in Computerized Accounting System
   Diploma in Conflict Management
   Diploma in Consumer Psychology
   Diploma in Cooking
   Diploma in Corporate Finance
   Diploma in Cosmetics Product
   Diploma in Cost & Management Accounting
   Diploma in Counseling
   Diploma in Criminology
   Diploma in Cultural Anthropology
   Diploma in Customer Relationship Management
   Diploma in Cyber Crime
   Diploma in Data Communication
   Diploma in Data Resource Management
   Diploma in Data Structures
   Diploma in Data Warehousing
   Diploma in Database Management Systems
   Diploma in Differential Equations
   Diploma in Digital Logic Design
   Diploma in Discrete Mathematics
   Diploma in Drawing Master
   Diploma in Dress Making & Fashion Design
   Diploma in E-Commerce
   Diploma in E-Marketing Strategies
   Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education
   Diploma in Economics
   Diploma in Electrical Management
   Diploma in Electro Homeopathy
   Diploma in Elementary English
   Diploma in Elementary Mathematics
   Diploma in English Comprehension
   Diploma in Entrepreneurship
   Diploma in Feature and Column Writing
   Diploma in Financial Accounting
   Diploma in Financial Institutions Management
   Diploma in Financial Management
   Diploma in Financial Statement Analysis
   Diploma in Fire Safety Management
   Diploma in Geographic Information System (GIS)
   Diploma in Globalization of Media
   Diploma in Health & Safety in Construction
   Diploma in Health, Safety & Environment
   Diploma in Horticulture & Landscaping Management
   Diploma in Hospitality Management
   Diploma in Human Diet & Nutrition
   Diploma in Human Relations
   Diploma in Human Resource Development
   Diploma in Human Resource Management
   Diploma in Insurance Management
   Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights
   Diploma in International Business Management
   Diploma in International Marketing
   Diploma in International Montessori Education
   Diploma in International Relations
   Diploma in Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
   Diploma in Islamic Studies
   Diploma in Journalistic Writing
   Diploma in Knowledge Management
   Diploma in Landscaping
   Diploma in Leadership & Team Management
   Diploma in Linear Algebra
   Diploma in Livestock Management and Dairy Production
   Diploma in Macroeconomics
   Diploma in Management
   Diploma in Management Information System
   Diploma in Management Information System (MIS)
   Diploma in Marketing
   Diploma in Marketing Management
   Diploma in Marketing, Sales & Distribution Management
   Diploma in Mass Communication
   Diploma in Mass Communication & Public Relations
   Diploma in Mass Media
   Diploma in Microeconomics
   Diploma in Modern Construction Management
   Diploma in Modern Security Communication
   Diploma in Modern Social Work Management
   Diploma in Money & Banking
   Diploma in Monitoring & Evaluation
   Diploma in Neurological Basis of Behavior
   Diploma in Numerical Analysis
   Diploma in Object Oriented Programming
   Diploma in Occupational Health Safety & Environment
   Diploma in Office Administration and Management
   Diploma in Operating Systems
   Diploma in Operations Research
   Diploma in Optical Fiber
   Diploma in Organization Development
   Diploma in Organizational Behavior
   Diploma in Organizational Behaviour
   Diploma in Pakistan Studies
   Diploma in Petroleum Technology
   Diploma in Physics
   Diploma in Practical Auditing
   Diploma in Procurement Management
   Diploma in Procurement Stores & Materials Management
   Diploma in Production & Operations Management
   Diploma in Production Operations Management
   Diploma in Programming
   Diploma in Project Management
   Diploma in Public Administration
   Diploma in Public Health (DPH)
   Diploma in public relations
   Diploma in Public Relations Management
   Diploma in Radio News Reporting and Production
   Diploma in Research Methods
   Diploma in Safety & Security Management
   Diploma in Safety Management
   Diploma in Sale and Marketing
   Diploma in School Management
   Diploma in Skin Care Product Management
   Diploma in SME Management
   Diploma in Sociology
   Diploma in Software Engineering
   Diploma in Software Project Management
   Diploma in Statistics and Probability
   Diploma in Strategic Management
   Diploma in Stress Management
   Diploma in Surveying
   Diploma in System Programming
   Diploma in Takaful ( Islamic Insurance )
   Diploma in Taxation Management
   Diploma in Technical Report Writing
   Diploma in Tele communications
   Diploma in Textile Technology
   Diploma in Total Quality Management
   Diploma in Transport Management
   Diploma in TV News Reporting and Production
   Diploma in Visual Programming
   Diploma in Web Design & Development
Education Sector  Top
   Diploma in Advance Arabic Grammar
   Diploma in Business English
   Diploma in Digital Library Information System
   Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education
   Diploma in Educational Leadership and Management
   Diploma in Information Technology & Library Information Sciences
   Diploma in International Montessori Education
   Diploma in Library Information Sciences & Networking
   Diploma in Office Administration & Management
   Diploma in School Management
   Diploma in Spoken English Proficiency
   Diploma in Talimat-E-Slamia
   Diploma in University Management
   Diploma in Usuluddin
Engineering (Required min one Year Experience)  Top
   Diploma in Agricultural Engineering
   Diploma in Architecture
   Diploma in Architecture Designing
   Diploma in Associate Engineering
   Diploma in Automotive Engineering
   Diploma in Automotive Technology
   Diploma in Biomedical engineering
   Diploma in Building Architecture
   Diploma in Building Architecture & Town Planner
   Diploma in Building Technician
   Diploma in Business Management & System Engineering
   Diploma in Chemical (Oil & Gas)
   Diploma in Chemical Engineering
   Diploma in Chemical Technology
   Diploma in Civil Construction
   Diploma in Civil Construction Engineering
   Diploma in Civil Construction Management
   Diploma in Civil Engineering
   Diploma in Civil Supervisor
   Diploma in Civil Tech ( Road Construction )
   Diploma in Computer Engineering
   Diploma in Construction Management
   Diploma in Corrosion Technology
   Diploma in Dairy Technology
   Diploma in Elastomeric Technology
   Diploma in Electrical Engineering
   Diploma in Electrical Instrumentation Engineering
   Diploma in Electrical Technology
   Diploma in Electrical Wiring
   Diploma in Electronics Technology
   Diploma in HSE Engineering
   Diploma in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
   Diploma in Industrial Electronics
   Diploma in Industrial Technology
   Diploma in Land Surveying
   Diploma in Material Management
   Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
   Diploma in Mechanical Trasport
   Diploma in Mechatronics
   Diploma in Mining Engineering
   Diploma in Oil & Gas Technology
   Diploma in Petroleum Engineering
   Diploma in Piping & Pipeline Engineering
   Diploma in Piping Engineering
   Diploma in Process Control Instrumentation Technology
   Diploma in Process Piping Engineering
   Diploma in programmable logic controller (PLC)
   Diploma in Public Health Engineering
   Diploma in Radio Frequency
   Diploma in Scaffolding
   Diploma in Social Work in Community Care
   Diploma in Software Engineering
   Diploma in Sound Technology
   Diploma in steel Structural Designing and Detailing
   Diploma in Telecommunications Technology
   Diploma in Textile Technology
   Diploma in Timber Product Technology
   Diploma in Welding Technology
   Diploma in Wireless Technician
Hotel Industry  Top
   Diploma in Advanced Hospitality & Hotel Management
   Diploma in Assistant Engineering (DAE Civil)
   Diploma in Bed and Breakfast Management
   Diploma in Culinary Arts (Professional Chef)
   Diploma in Fast Food Management
   Diploma in Guest House Management
   Diploma in Hospitality & Hotel Management
   Diploma in Hospitality, Sales and Marketing
   Diploma in Hotel & Catering Management
   Diploma in Hotel & Motel Management & Operations
   Diploma in Hotel Business Development
   Diploma in Hotel Catering Management
   Diploma in Hotel Events Management
   Diploma in Hotel Food & Beverages Management
   Diploma in Hotel Food Quality Management
   Diploma in Hotel Management
   Diploma in Hotel Management & Tourism
   Diploma in Hotel Marketing
   Diploma in Hotel Marketing and HRM
   Diploma in Hotel Operation Management
   Diploma in Hotel Reception Management
   Diploma in International Hospitality Management
   Diploma in International Tourism Management
   Diploma in Recreation & Leisure Management
   Diploma in Restaurant Management
   Diploma in Snack Bar & Cafe Management
   Diploma in Tourism Management
   Diploma in Travel Tourism & Hospitality Management
   Diploma in Waiter Administration
Law  Top
   Certified Professional in Islamic Law and Jurisprudence
   Dilopma in Immigration & Nationality Law
   Diploma in Business and Labor Laws
   Diploma in Child Labor Law
   Diploma in Commercial And Corporate Law
   Diploma in Criminology
   Diploma in income Tax & Custom Laws
   Diploma in Intellectul Property & Banking Laws
   Diploma in Islamic Law and Jurisprudence
   Diploma in Social Law
   Diploma in Women's Rights Law
Paramedical Technologies  Top
   Diploma in Dental Technician
   Diploma in Dispenser Technician
   Diploma in ECG Technician
   Diploma in Hospital Management
   Diploma in Laboratory Technician
   Diploma in Microbiology
   Diploma in MRI & CT Scan
   Diploma in Psychotherapy
   Diploma in Stress Management
   Diploma in X- ray Technicians
Professional Diplomas  Top
   Certified Supply Chain professional (CSCP)
   Dilpoma in Gemology
   Diploma in A/C & Refrigeration Technician
   Diploma in Accounting and Finance
   Diploma in Advance Microsoft Excel Application
   Diploma in Advanced Business Administration
   Diploma in Advanced Hospitality & Hotel Management
   Diploma in Advertising & Promotion
   Diploma in Agriculture and Live Stock Management
   Diploma In Air cargo Management
   Diploma in Airport Management
   Diploma in Aluminium fixture
   Diploma in Artificial Intelligence
   Diploma In Aviation Hospitality And Airport Management
   Diploma in Beautician & Henna Designing
   Diploma in BGAS-CSWIP Painting Supervisor
   Diploma in Bioinformatics
   Diploma in Broadcasting
   Diploma in Business & Labour Law
   Diploma in Business Accounting & Finance
   Diploma in Civil Surveying
   Diploma in Clinical Assistant (ICU Technician)
   Diploma in Computer Networking
   Diploma in Computer Reservation System (Abacus, Sabre, Amadeus and Galileo)
   Diploma in Conflict Management
   Diploma in Constuction Management
   Diploma in Corporate Finance
   Diploma in Credit & Debt Recovery
   Diploma in Digital forensic
   Diploma in Digital Library Information System
   Diploma in Disaster Management
   Diploma in E-Commerce
   Diploma in Econometrics
   Diploma in Educational Planning & Management (EPM)
   Diploma in Electriical Technician
   Diploma in Energy Management
   Diploma in Entrepreneurship
   Diploma in Environmental Horticulture
   Diploma in ERP Financial
   Diploma in Fashion Designing
   Diploma in Fashion Management & Marketing
   Diploma in Fine Arts
   Diploma in Fleet Management
   Diploma in Food Safety & Controls
   Diploma in Food Sciences
   Diploma in forestry management
   Diploma in Gemmology (D.G)
   Diploma in General Banking
   Diploma in Geographic Information System (GIS)
   Diploma in Health & Humanitarian Logistics (HHL)
   Diploma in Health Safety & Environment in Construction
   Diploma in Health Safety & Environment in Engineering
   Diploma in Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)
   Diploma in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
   Diploma in Home Economics
   Diploma in Horticulture and Landscape Management
   Diploma in Hospitality Commercial Cookery
   Diploma in Hostel Management (DHM)
   Diploma in Hotel Management
   Diploma in Hotel Management & Tourism
   Diploma in HSE Engineering
   Diploma in Human Resource Management (HRM)
   Diploma in Humanitarian Logistics & Supply Chain Management
   Diploma in Humanitarian Logistics (DHL)
   Diploma in Humanitarian Logistics Management (HLM)
   Diploma in Import & Export Management
   Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)
   Diploma in Insurance Claims Management
   Diploma in Interior Designing
   Diploma in International Business Law
   Diploma in International Business Management
   Diploma in International Montessori Education
   Diploma in International Relations
   Diploma in Islamic Banking
   Diploma in Landscape Architecture
   Diploma in Leadership & Team Management
   Diploma in Library Management
   Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
   Diploma in Management
   Diploma in Management Information System (MIS)
   Diploma in Management of Financial Institutions
   Diploma in Marketing
   Diploma in Mass Communication
   Diploma in Mass Media & Public Relation
   Diploma in Material and Store Management
   Diploma in Material Engineering
   Diploma in Media Management
   Diploma in Mobile phone Forensics
   Diploma in Modern Inventory Control & Management
   Diploma in News Cameraman
   Diploma in Nursery Management
   Diploma in Occupational Health Safety & Environment
   Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)
   Diploma in Office Administration & Public Relations
   Diploma in Office Automation
   Diploma in Ophthalmic Technician
   Diploma in Optical Technician
   Diploma in Pest Control
   Diploma in Procurement, Store & Material Management
   Diploma in Production Horticulture
   Diploma in Production/Operations Management
   Diploma in Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
   Diploma in Project Management
   Diploma in Property Agent
   Diploma in Public Administration
   Diploma in Purchasing & Supply Management
   Diploma in Quality Control ( QC Civil )
   Diploma in Quality Control (QC Welding)
   Diploma in Quality Control Inspector E&I
   Diploma in Quantity Survey
   Diploma in Quantity Surveying
   Diploma in Radio News Reporting & Production
   Diploma in Refrigerator and Airconditioning
   Diploma in Risk Management
   Diploma in Safety Management
   Diploma in Safety Officer
   Diploma in Safety Supervisor
   Diploma in Sanitary Inspector
   Diploma in Satellite Booking & Operations
   Diploma in Scaffolding Inspector/Supervisor
   Diploma in SME Management
   Diploma in Software Engineering
   Diploma in Software Project Management
   Diploma in Special Education
   Diploma in Sport Development
   Diploma in Sports Management
   Diploma in Taxation Management
   Diploma in Telecommunication & System Engg
   Diploma in Total Quality Management
   Diploma in Transportation and Logistics
   Diploma in Turfgrass Management
   Diploma in TV News Reporting & Production
   Diploma in University Administration and Management
   Diploma in Web Design & Development
   Executive Manager in Business Administration (EMBA)
Project Management  Top
   Diploma in Advanced Project Management
   Diploma in Effective Project Management
   Diploma in Joint Project Planning
   Diploma in Leadership in Project Management
   Diploma in Management Development & E-Learning
   Diploma in Practical Project Management
   Diploma in Project Human Resource
   Diploma in Project Implementation Management
   Diploma in Project Integration Management
   Diploma in Project Lifecycle and Organization
   Diploma in Project Management
   Diploma in Project Management for Business & Technology
   Diploma in Project Management Framework
   Diploma in Project Management in Construction
   Diploma in Project Management Information Systems
   Diploma in Project Management Promotional Strategies
   Diploma in Project Planning & Control
   Diploma in Project Planning & Management
   Diploma in Project Procurement Management
   Diploma in Project Quality Management
   Diploma in Project Resources Management
   Diploma in Project Risk Management
   Diploma in Project Scope Management
   Diploma in Project Time and Cost Management
   Diploma in Standard for Project Management
   Diploma in Total Quality Management
Technical Courses on RPL ( Experience Based Diploma )  Top
   A/C Technician
   Diploma in Accessing Operations and Rigging (Construction)
   Diploma in Architectural Model Making
   Diploma in Assistant Engineering - DAE ( Auto Diesel )
   Diploma in Auto Diesel
   Diploma in Auto Electrician
   Diploma in Auto Mechanic
   Diploma in Auto Mechanical Desktop
   Diploma in Auto Mobile Engineering
   Diploma in AutoCAD
   Diploma in Bakery Products
   Diploma in Beautician & Parlor Management
   Diploma in Bicycle Repair & Maintenance
   Diploma in Building Construction Surveyor
   Diploma in Building Electrician
   Diploma in Button Making
   Diploma in Cable Jointer
   Diploma in Calligraphy
   Diploma in Carpenter
   Diploma in Carpentry (Wood Working)
   Diploma in Carpet Making
   Diploma in Central AC Technician
   Diploma in Chip Designing
   Diploma in Civil & Architecture Technology
   Diploma in Civil Draftsman
   Diploma in Civil Engineering
   Diploma in Civil Lab Technician
   Diploma in Civil Surveyor
   Diploma in CNG Kit Installation and Maintenance
   Diploma in Computer Aided Designing (CAD)
   Diploma in Computer Hardware
   Diploma in Cooking
   Diploma in Dress Designing
   Diploma in Dry Cleaning
   Diploma in Electric Motor Winding
   Diploma in Electrical
   Diploma in Electrical Drafting & Design Technology
   Diploma in Electrical Safety
   Diploma in Electrical Wiring
   Diploma in Electrician
   Diploma in Electro-mechanical Technician (Oil & Gas)
   Diploma in Electronics
   Diploma in Embroidery
   Diploma in Fabricator
   Diploma in Football Stitching Apprenticeship
   Diploma in Gas & Pipe fitting
   Diploma in Gas and Arc Welding
   Diploma in General Fitter
   Diploma in Glass Painting
   Diploma in Greeting Card Making
   Diploma in Hair Dressing
   Diploma in Handicrafts Making & Designing
   Diploma in Household Appliances
   Diploma in Industrial Electronics
   Diploma in Industrial Machine Technology
   Diploma in IRCA QMS Lead Auditor
   Diploma in ISO 9000 & 2000
   Diploma in Knitting & Sewing
   Diploma in Laboratory Technician
   Diploma in Laboratory Technician & Road Development
   Diploma in Land Surveyor
   Diploma in Light Engineering
   Diploma in Machinist
   Diploma in Mason
   Diploma in Mechanical Draftman
   Diploma in Mechanical Engineer
   Diploma in Micro Controller
   Diploma in Mobile Phone Repairing
   Diploma in Mobility
   Diploma in Motorcycle Repair & Maintenance
   Diploma in Multi Welder
   Diploma in Optometrist
   Diploma in Paper Making
   Diploma in Pharmacy Technician
   Diploma in Phone/Fax Machine Repairing
   Diploma in Photo Copier Repairs
   Diploma in Photo Framing/ Mounting
   Diploma in Physiotherapy Technician
   Diploma in Pipe Welding
   Diploma in Pipeline Foreman
   Diploma in Plant Operation Management
   Diploma in Plumbing & Sanitary Fittings
   Diploma in Pottery
   Diploma in Professional Photography
   Diploma in Programmable Logic Controller
   Diploma in Project Planning & Control (Ms Project Primavera)
   Diploma in Pro| Engineering Wildfire 2.0
   Diploma in Pump Operator
   Diploma in Quality Control (QC)
   Diploma in Quantity Surveyor
   Diploma in Radio & Tape Mechanic
   Diploma in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
   Diploma in Reverse Engineering
   Diploma in Safety & Security Management
   Diploma in Safety Inspector
   Diploma in Sanitary Inspector (SI)
   Diploma in Scuffolding Forman
   Diploma in Senior Lab Technician (Civil)
   Diploma in Shoe Making
   Diploma in Shuttering/Carpentry
   Diploma in Social Sciences
   Diploma in Staad-Pro
   Diploma in Steel Fixer
   Diploma in Tailoring (Professional)
   Diploma in Technical Technician
   Diploma in Tib
   Diploma in TIG- MIG Welding
   Diploma in Tractor Driving Training
   Diploma in Tractor Repair
   Diploma in TV/LCD/VCR/VCD Repair
   Diploma in Video Film Making
   Diploma in Wall Painting
   Diploma in Water Sanitation and Hygiene
   Diploma in Water Supply, Sanitary and Environmental Engineering
   Diploma in Welding (Arc / Gas)
   Diploma in Welding Technology & QA/QC
   Diploma in Wireless Technician

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