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Courses in Certifed Professional.

Course Detail
Certified Professional Courses 1 >> Certified Professional in Accounting & Finance
Duration: One Year & Two Years (Double fee)
Mode of Study: Distance Learning Education/Self Home Based Study
Total Fee(PKR):
(For Pakistani Students)
Total Fee($ US):
(Overseas Students)
Eligibility: Graduation plus min One Year Practically Experience Or After Matric 6 years experience
Document Required: Educational Documents, Experience Letter (if any), Three CNIC Copies, Three Photograph and original fee Deposit slip
Course Detail:

Post Graduate Course 

Modules: Module 1 Module 2

01: Basic Understanding of what is accounting? 02: Definition and different types of accounting 03: Single Entry and Double Entry Accounting Systems 04: Concepts of debit and credit 05: Basic Books of Accounts (Cash and Bank Book) 06: Basic Books of Accounts (Journal and Ledger) 07: Introduction to Financial Statements 08: Introduction to Financial Statements (Balance Sheet) 09: Exercise: Recording of Transactions 10: Exercise: Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account 11: Exercise: Balance Sheet 12: Carry Forward of Balance 13: Opening and Closing of Stock 14: More on Stock Registering 15: Fixed Assets and Depreciation 16: Depreciation 17: Methods for charging depreciation 18: Depreciation on purchase and disposal of fixed assets 19: Revaluation of Fixed Assets and Capital and Revenue Expenses 20: Bank Reconciliation Statement 21: Bank Reconciliation Statement Contd. and Rectification of Error 22: Debtors, Creditors, Accruals and Provision for Bad Debts 23: Presentation and Recording of Provision for bad debts and Control Accounts 24: Rectification of Error 25: Financial statements 26: Types of Business Entities 27: Financial Statements of Sole Proprietorship 28: Financial Statements of Manufacturing Concern 29: Financial Statements of Partnership 30: Mark Up on Capital and Drawings 31: Introduction to Companies 32: Share Capital of Companies 33: Financial Statements of Companies 34: Statement of Changes in Equity 35: Cash Flow Statement 36: Financial Statements of Listed/Quoted Companies ------- 01: Types of Business Entities 02: Formation of Companies and Meetings 03: Relationships between Companies 04: Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements 05: Property Plant and Equipment 06: Revaluation of Assets 07: Property Plant and Equipment and Borrowing Cost 08: Intangible Assets 09: Intangible Assets IAS 38 & Investment in Associates 10: Other Non-Current Assets 11: Inventories 12: Methods of Stock Valuation 13: Current Assets, Fourth Schedule, Companies Ordinance 1984 14: Presentation and Disclosure of Assets in Balance Sheet 15: Long Term Investments, Presentation and Disclosure 16: Risks & Disclosure 17: Long Term Deposits and Prepayments & Current Assets 18: Framework 19: Presentation of Liabilities in Balance Sheet 20: Liabilities side of Balance Sheet 21: Misc. issues regarding Share Capital 22: Repurchase of Shares 23: Prospectus 24: Leases 25: Finance Lease IAS 17 26: Leases 27: Provisions, Contingent Assets and Contingent Liabilities 28: Income Statement IAS-01 29: Revenues IAS 18 30: Presentation and Disclosure of Expenses in Income Statement 31: Statement of Changes in Equity 32: Changes in Accounting Policies IAS 8 33: Cash Flow Statement 34: Events after the Balance Sheet Date 35: Earnings per Share 36: Diluted EPS 37: Disclosure Requirements of Share Capital 38: Disclosure Requirements IAS 02

01: Financial Management - Major Areas and Concepts 02: Introduction to Real Assets & Securities 03: Analysis of Financial Statements 04: Introduction to Interest Theory 05: Financial Planning & Forecasting 06: Cash Flow Discounting 07: Discounted Cash Flow Techniques 08: Introduction to Capital Budgeting 09: Net Present Value & Internal Rate of Return 10: Real Asset Project Cash Flow 11: Capital Budgeting - Real Asset Project 12: Capital Budgeting - Real Asset Project Contd. 13: Introduction to Bonds 14: Bonds - Valuation & Theory 15: Bond Valuation & Yield 16: Introduction to Stocks 17: Common Stock Pricing 18: Common Stock - Rate of Return & EPS Pricing Model 19: Introduction to Risk and Return 20: Risk for Single Stock Investment 21: Introduction to Two Stock Portfolio Theory 22: Portfolio Risk Analysis 23: Efficient Portfolios, Market Risk, & CML 24: Stock Beta, Portfolio Beta 25: Stock Betas & Risk 26: SML Graph & CAPM 27: Review of Risk, Portfolio Theory & CAPM 28: Introduction to Debt, Efficient Market & Cost of Capital 29: WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital) 30: Operating Leverage (OL), Breakeven Point & ROE 31: Firms' Operating Leverage and Financial Risk 32: Financial Leverage and Capital Structure Theory 33: Capital Structure Theories 34: Impact of Debt on Firm Value & WACC Graphs 35: Net Income & Tax Shield Approaches 36: Review of Capital Structure Management 37: Dividend Payout 38: Dividend Policy 39: Working Capital Management 40: Cash Management &Working Capital FINANCING 41: Introduction to Lease Financing 42: Lease Financing Contd. 43: Mergers & Acquisitions 44: International Finance 45: Final Review of financial management

Last Date of Admission: 13th June, 2024
Online Admission:

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