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 One & Two Years Certification, All Medical related diplomas are Professional Qualifications and not a Practics License.

Course Detail
Psychology >> Certified Professional in Counseling Psychology (CPCP)
Duration: One Year & Two Years (Double fee)
Mode of Study: Distance Learning Education/Self Home Based Study
Total Fee(PKR):
(For Pakistani Students)
Total Fee($ US):
(Overseas Students)
Eligibility: Graduation / 2-3 years Practical Experience
Document Required: Educational Documents, Experience Letter(if any) Two CNIC Copies, Three Photograph, original Bank Deposit slip
Modules: Module 1 Module 2


Historical Background,

Goals & Activities of Counseling,

Ethical & Legal issues in Counseling,

Effective Counselor,

Counseling Skills,

Listening & Understanding Skills Influencing skills,

Focusing & challenging skills,

Counseling process,

Theory in the Practice of Counseling,

Psychoanalytic approaches to counseling,

Classical Psychoanalytic Approach,


Client-centered approach,

Gestalt therapy,

Existential therapy,

Cognitive approaches to counseling,

Transnational analysis,

Behavioral approaches,

Reality therapy,

Groups in counseling,

Marriage & family counseling,

Career Counseling,

Community Counseling & Consulting,

Diagnosis & assessment

Introduction to Guidance and Counselling,

Comparison and Purpose of Guidance and  Counselling ,

Significance of Guidance and Counselling ,

Significance and Areas of Guidance and Counselling,

Principles of Guidance and Counselling,

Empathetic Understanding ,

Types of Guidance and Counselling,

Directive/Perspective Counselling ,

Theories of Guidance and Counselling Client Centered Rogerian Theory,

Existential Theory,

Importance of Affective Education,

Humanist Theory of Affective Education,

Affective Cognitive Education,

Hindrance in the Development of SEL,

Importance of SEL Programmes,

Integration of Character Education Along Side Standard Curriculum,

Merits of Moral and Character Development,

Sources of Acquiring Self-Efficacy,

Self-Monitoring and Self-Assessment to Enhance Self-Efficacy,

Social and Emotional Development,

Strategies for Implementing SEL in the Curriculum Flexibility for Lesson Planning,

Effective Teacher Attitude Towards Teaching,

Essential Qualities of Teachers as Counsellors ,

Teacher as a Counsellor,

Counselling Services: The Counselling Service,

Importance of Ethics in Counselling ,

Ethics in Guidance and  Counselling,

Organizing Guidance and Counselling in Schools Procedures,

Organizing Guidance and Counselling in School Procedure ,

Counselling Competencies Knowledge ,

Competencies Professional and Ethical Attitude and Practice ,

Who Requires Counselling Services?,

Problem Solving Therapy Introduction,

Problem Solving Identifying Problems,

Referral in Case of Severe Behavioural Problems Introduction,

Referral  for Severe Behavioural Problems Effective Referral ,

School-Wide Guidance and Counselling,

Challenges for Guidance and Counselling in School System Challenges,

Challenges for Guidance and Counselling in School Institutional Theory ,

Guidance and Counselling Programmes in a School Setting Counselor as a Facilitator ,

Guidance and Counselling Programmes in a School Setting counselor as a Coordinator ,

Collaboration and Communication with Stakeholder Parenting,

Implementing Guidance and Counselling in School Setting Initial Phase ,

Implementing Guidance and Counselling in School Setting Formulating Relevant Policies

Last Date of Admission: 26th April, 2024
Online Admission:

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