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 One & Two Years Certification, All Medical related diplomas are Professional Qualifications and not a Practics License.

Courses In Medical Technology
Hospital & Public Health
Medical Technology (Required min six months past Exp)
Hospital & Public Health  Top
   Certified Professional Cosmetologist (CPC )
   Certified Skin Care Professional
   Diploma in Community Health Management
   Diploma in Cosmetic Brand Management
   Diploma in Cosmetic Marketing Compliance
   Diploma in Dialysis Management
   Diploma in Disaster Management
   Diploma in Entomology
   Diploma in Health Care Administration
   Diploma in Health History
   Diploma in Health Information and Communication Technology
   Diploma in Heath planning & Management
   Diploma in Hospital Administration
   Diploma in Hospital Administration & HRM
   Diploma in Hospital Management
   Diploma in Human Diet & Nutrition
   Diploma in Laboratory Technician
   Diploma in Medical Equipment Installation and Maintenance
   Diploma in Medical Equipment Marketing
   Diploma in Medical Laboratory Administration and Management
   Diploma in Medical Laboratory Quality Management System
   Diploma in Nursing Assistant management
   Diploma in Nutrition
   Diploma in Nutrition Product Development ( NPD )
   Diploma in Ophthalmic Technician
   Diploma in Pain Management
   Diploma in Pansari products Management
   Diploma in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Management
   Diploma in Public Health (Humanitarian Crises)
   Diploma in Public Health Administration
   Diploma in Public Health Pest Control (PHPC)
   Diploma in Treatment Methodology
   Diploma in Ward Administration
   Leprosy Control Program Management
Medical Technology (Required min six months past Exp)  Top
   Advanced Diploma in Diagnostic Ultrasound
   Diploma in Clinical Nutrition
   Diploma in Cosmetic formulation in skin care product
   Diploma in Cosmetic Product Development
   Diploma in Dermatology
   Diploma in Diagnostic Ultrasound
   Diploma in Hospital Administration & Management
   Diploma in Hospital Management
   Diploma in Massage Therapy
   Diploma in Nursing Assistant
   Diploma in Operation Theatre Assistant
   Diploma in Quality Control & Quality Assurance ( Medical Education system )
   Diploma in Skin Care
   Diploma in Stress Management
   Diploma in Ultrasound Assistant
   Diploma in Ultrasound Technician
   Diploma in Ward Assistant
Psychology  Top
   Certified Professional in Counseling Psychology (CPCP)
   Diploma in Career Counselling & Guidance
   Diploma in Clinical Psychology
   Diploma in Cognitive Psychology
   Diploma in Consumer Psychology
   Diploma in Counseling
   Diploma in Counseling Psychology (DCP)
   Diploma in Educational Psychology
   Diploma in Forensic Psychology
   Diploma in Gender Issues
   Diploma in Gender Issues in Psychology
   Diploma in History & Systems of Psychology
   Diploma in Media Psychology
   Diploma in Organizational Psychology
   Diploma in Personality Psychology
   Diploma in Positive Psychology
   Diploma in Psychology
   Diploma in Social Psychology
   Diploma in Sport Psychology

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