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 One & Two Years Certification from TTPC, All diplomas are Non Academic and not for use as a Practics License.

Courses In Medical Technology
Certified Professional - Medical Courses
Diploma - Medical Courses
Hospital & Public Health
Medical Technology (Required min six months past Exp)
Physical Therapy
Professional Graduate Diploma
Zoology Courses
Certified Professional - Medical Courses  Top
   Certified Professional Allergist / Immunologist
   Certified Professional Anesthesiologist
   Certified Professional Cardiologist
   Certified Professional Dermatologist
   Certified Professional Diagnostic Radiologist
   Certified Professional Gastroenterologist
   Certified Professional Gynecologist
   Certified Professional Hematologist / Oncologist
   Certified Professional Hospital Administrator
   Certified Professional in Counseling Psychology
   Certified Professional in Hospital Administration & HRM
   Certified Professional in Human, Diet and Nutrition
   Certified Professional in Medical Lab Technician
   Certified Professional in Public Health Administration
   Certified Professional Internal Medicine Physician
   Certified Professional Nephrologist
   Certified Professional Neurologist
   Certified Professional Neurosurgeon
   Certified Professional Obstetrician
   Certified Professional Occupational Medicine Physician
   Certified Professional Ophthalmologist
   Certified Professional Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
   Certified Professional Orthopaedic Surgeon
   Certified Professional Otolaryngologist (Head and Neck Surgeon)
   Certified Professional Pathologist
   Certified Professional Pediatrician
   Certified Professional Plastic Surgeon
   Certified Professional Podiatrist
   Certified Professional Psychiatrist
   Certified Professional Pulmonary Medicine Physician
   Certified Professional Radiation Onconlogist
   Certified Professional Rheumatologist
   Certified Professional Urologist
   Executive Manager in Business Administration (E-MBA Hospital Administration )
Diploma - Medical Courses  Top
   Diploma in Medical Lab Technician
   Diploma in Pansari Products Management
Hospital & Public Health  Top
   Certified Professional Lab Chemist
   Diploma in Chemical Laboratory Technician
   Diploma in Chemical Technology
   Diploma in Clinical Assistant
   Diploma in Clinical Psychology
   Diploma in Dai ( Traditional Birth Attendant )
   Diploma in Disaster Management
   Diploma in Dispenser Assistant
   Diploma in Health Care Administration
   Diploma in Health Information and Communication Technology
   Diploma in Hospital Administration & HRM
   Diploma in Hospital Management
   Diploma in Human Diet & Nutrition
   Diploma in Lab Technologist
   Diploma in Medical Testing Laboratory Engineering
   Diploma in Nursing Assistant (Male Nurse )
   Diploma in Nursing Management
   Diploma in Optometry
   Diploma in Pansari products Management
   Diploma in PHLEBOTOMY
   Diploma in Public Health (DPH)
   Diploma in Public Health Administration
   Diploma in Ward Administration
Medical Technology (Required min six months past Exp)  Top
   Certified Professional Dermatologist
   Certified Professional Endocrinologist
   Diploma in Clinical Physiology
   Diploma in Clinical Psychology
   Diploma in Cupping Therapy
   Diploma in Dental Assistant
   Diploma in Dental Hygiene
   Diploma in Dental Technician
   Diploma in Dermatology
   Diploma in Diagnostic Ultrasound
   Diploma in Dispenser Assistant
   Diploma in Endocrinolgy
   Diploma in Endocrinology and Metabolism
   Diploma in Epidemiology
   Diploma in Hospital Administration & Management
   Diploma in Hospital Management
   Diploma in Intense pulsed light (IPL)
   Diploma in Laboratory Assistant
   Diploma in Laboratory Technician
   Diploma in Laser Skin care
   Diploma in Laser Technician
   Diploma in Laser Therapy
   Diploma in Massage Therapy
   Diploma in Medical Assistant
   Diploma in Medical Education
   Diploma in Nursing Assistant (Male/Female)
   Diploma in Occupational Health
   Diploma in Ophthalmic Technician
   Diploma in Orthodonitics
   Diploma in Patient Care (Technician/Dispenser)
   Diploma in Public Health (DPH)
   Diploma in Sanitary Inspector
   Diploma in Skin Care
   Diploma in Stress Management
   Diploma in Ultrasound Assistant
   Diploma in X- ray Technician
Physical Therapy  Top
   Diploma in Acupressure Therapy (DAT)
   Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology (DAP)
   Diploma in Aromatherapy (DAT)
   Diploma in Colour Therapy (DCT)
   Diploma in Fengshui-Vaastu (DFV)
   Diploma in Holistic Massage & Reflexology (DHMR)
   Diploma in Holistic Reiki (DHR)
   Diploma in Hot Stone Massage (DHSM)
   Diploma in Human, Diet & Nutrition
   Diploma in Magnet Therapy (DMT)
   Diploma in Massage Therapy
   Diploma in Massage Therapy (DMT)
   Diploma in Musculoskeletal (DM)
   Diploma in Number Therapy (DNT)
   Diploma in Physiotherapy (DPT)
   Diploma in Pyramid Therapy (DPT)
   Diploma in Raiki Healing (DHR)
   Diploma in Sports Massage (DSM)
   Diploma in Sujok Therapy (DST)
   Diploma in Vaastu-Shastra (DVS)
   Diploma in Yoga Therapy (DYT)
Professional Graduate Diploma  Top
   Professional Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology (PGD-CP)
Psychology  Top
   Advance Diploma in Clinical Psychology (ADCP)
   Diploma in Abnormal Psychology
   Diploma in Clinical Psychology
   Diploma in Cognitive Psychology
   Diploma in Consumer Psychology
   Diploma in Counseling
   Diploma in Counselling Psychology (DCP)
   Diploma in Educational Psychology
   Diploma in Forensic Psychology
   Diploma in Gender Issues in Psychology
   Diploma in Health Psychology
   Diploma in History & Systems of Psychology
   Diploma in Organizational Psychology
   Diploma in Personality Psychology
   Diploma in Positive Psychology
   Diploma in Psychology
   Diploma in Social Psychology
   Diploma in Sport Psychology
Zoology Courses  Top
   Diploma in Analysis and Communication of Biological Data
   Diploma in Animal Behaviour
   Diploma in Arthropods & Human Health
   Diploma in Biodiversity Analysis, Discovery and Systematics
   Diploma in Biostatistics & Experimental Design
   Diploma in Brain to Behaviour - Invertebrate Neuroethology
   Diploma in Cells to Organisms
   Diploma in Climate Change Biology
   Diploma in Ecology
   Diploma in Ecology and Evolution of Animal-Plant Interactions
   Diploma in Ecology Field Studies
   Diploma in Evolution
   Diploma in Fish, Fisheries and Aquaculture
   Diploma in Functional Ecology
   Diploma in Genes, Cells & Evolution
   Diploma in Genetics
   Diploma in Insect Identification and Taxonomy
   Diploma in Insect Science
   Diploma in Insect Structure, Function & Physiology
   Diploma in Macroecology and Biogeography
   Diploma in Marine Biology Field Studies
   Diploma in Marine Invertebrates
   Diploma in Marine Science
   Diploma in Mathematical Biology
   Diploma in Outback Ecology Field Studies
   Diploma in Physiological and Integrative Zoology
   Diploma in Plant Biology
   Diploma in Vertebrate Diversity and Evolution
   Diploma in Zoology

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