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Diploma ( Duration 6 months )

Courses In Diploma ( Six month Duration )
Information Technology
Professional Courses
Soft Skills Courses
Information Technology   Top
   Certificate in Computer Networking
   Certificate in Databank storage Management
   Certificate in Database Management
   Certificate in e-commerce
   Certificate in Geographic information system (GIS)
   Certificate in Graphics Designing
   Certificate in Information Resources Management
   Certificate in Information Technology (CIT)
   Certificate in Internet Security
   Certificate in IT Management in Contraction
   Certificate in Management Information System
   Certificate in Network Security
   Certificate in operating system
   Certificate in Technology in Business
   Certificate in web designing
   Certificate in web development
   Certificate in Wireless Communication Technology
   Certificate in Wireless Networking
   Microsoft Office
   Windows Xp, Microsoft Office, Hardware
   Windows Xp, Microsoft Office, Inpage
   Windows Xp, Microsoft Office, Inpage, Corel Draw
Professional Courses  Top
   Diploma in Advertising & Promotion
   Diploma in AutoCAD
   Diploma in Broadcasting
   Diploma in Business
   Diploma in Business & Labour Law
   Diploma in Business Accounting & Finance
   Diploma in Civil Surveying
   Diploma in Commercial & Corporate Laws
   Diploma in Computer Networking
   Diploma in Computerized Accounting System
   Diploma in Conflict Management
   Diploma in Corporate & Commercial Law
   Diploma in Corporate Finance
   Diploma in Disaster Management
   Diploma in E-Commerce
   Diploma in Educational Planning & Management (EPM)
   Diploma in Entrepreneurship
   Diploma in Fiber-Optic Communications
   Diploma in Fire Safety Management
   Diploma in General Banking
   Diploma in Geographic Information system (GIS)
   Diploma in Graphics Designing
   Diploma in Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)
   Diploma in Hospital Management
   Diploma in Hotel Management
   Diploma in HRM
   Diploma in income Tax & Custom Laws
   Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)
   Diploma in Intellectul Property & Banking Laws
   Diploma in International Business Management
   Diploma in International Montessori Education
   Diploma in International Relations
   Diploma in Islamic Banking
   Diploma in Leadership & Team Management
   Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
   Diploma in Management
   Diploma in Management Information System (MIS)
   Diploma in Management of Financial Institutions
   Diploma in Marketing
   Diploma in Mass communication
   Diploma in Mass Media & Public Relation
   Diploma in Mobility
   Diploma in Modern Inventory Control & Management
   Diploma in Office Administration
   Diploma in Production/Operations Management
   Diploma in Project Management
   Diploma in Public Administration
   Diploma in Quantity Surveying
   Diploma in Radio News Reporting & Production
   Diploma in Risk Management
   Diploma in Safety and Security Management
   Diploma in Safety Management
   Diploma in Safety officer
   Diploma in SME Management
   Diploma in Software Engineering
   Diploma in Software Project Management
   Diploma in Taxation Management
   Diploma in Telecommunications
   Diploma in Total Quality Management
   Diploma in TV News Reporting & Production
   Diploma in Web Design & Development
Soft Skills Courses  Top
   Attitude for Success
   Better Business Communication
   Call Centre Success
   Calming Upset Customers
   Certificate in Attitude for Success
   Certificate in Better Business Communication
   Certificate in Call Centre Success
   Certificate in Calming Upset Customers
   Certificate in Coaching Employees to Deliver their Best
   Certificate in Communication Series
   Certificate in Communication Skills for IT Specialists
   Certificate in Connecting to Customers through Customer Service
   Certificate in Customer Service Series
   Certificate in Diversity Dynamics
   Certificate in Diversity Series Training
   Certificate in ealth Innovation and Diversity
   Certificate in Effective Meeting Skills
   Certificate in Effective Performance Appraisals
   Certificate in Effective Presentation Skills
   Certificate in Efficiency Series Training
   Certificate in Excellence in Supervision
   Certificate in Executive Leadership Series
   Certificate in Executive Management Series
   Certificate in Executive Strategy & Management
   Certificate in Giving and Receiving Criticism
   Certificate in Handling Conflict and Confrontation
   Certificate in Hazardous Materials and Your Rights
   Certificate in Helping Customers through Quality Service
   Certificate in How Can I Get Myself To Do What I Need To Do?
   Certificate in How to Coach an Effective Team
   Certificate in How to De-Junk Your Life
   Certificate in How to Get Things Done
   Certificate in How to Supervise People
   Certificate in Increasing Employee Productivity
   Certificate in Leadershift
   Certificate in Leadership Series Training Course
   Certificate in Leadership Skills for Women
   Certificate in Making Humour Work
   Certificate in Managing Change at Work
   Certificate in Managing Disagreement
   Certificate in Managing for Commitment
   Certificate in Managing Project Teams
   Certificate in Managing Time
   Certificate in Men and Women Working Together
   Certificate in Mentoring
   Certificate in Motivation and Goal Setting
   Certificate in Negaholics
   Certificate in Powerful Communication Skills
   Certificate in Powerful Presentation Skills
   Certificate in Preventing Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace
   Certificate in Productivity Series
   Certificate in Project Management Skills for Non Project Managers
   Certificate in Quality Focused Supervision
   Certificate in Quality Management
   Certificate in Risk Management
   Certificate in Sales Preparedness
   Certificate in Schedule & Cost Control
   Certificate in Scope & Requirements
   Certificate in Strategic Planning Skills
   Certificate in Successful Hiring
   Certificate in Successful Management Series
   Certificate in Successful Negotiation
   Certificate in Successful Termination
   Certificate in Team Development Series
   Certificate in Team Leadership
   Certificate in Team Problem Solving
   Certificate in Telephone Collections/Debt Chasing
   Certificate in Telephone Communication Series
   Certificate in The Art of Communication
   Certificate in The Art of Organisation
   Certificate in The Art of Stress Management
   Certificate in The Business of Listening
   Certificate in The Cornerstones of Sales and Customer Service
   Certificate in The Employee Hunt: Recruiting Good People
   Certificate in The New Business of Paradigms
   Certificate in The Power of Telephone Courtesy
   Certificate in The Rewards of Telephone Courtesy
   Certificate in Women Empowerment
   Certificate in Working as a Team
   Coaching Employees to Deliver their Best
   Communication Series
   Communication Skills for IT Specialists
   Connecting to Customers through Customer Service
   Customer Service Series
   Diversity Dynamics
   Diversity Series Training
   Effective Meeting Skills
   Effective Performance Appraisals
   Effective Presentation Skills
   Efficiency Series Training
   Excellence in Supervision
   Executive Leadership Series
   Executive Management Series
   Executive Strategy & Management
   Giving and Receiving Criticism
   Handling Conflict and Confrontation
   Hazardous Materials and Your Rights
   Helping Customers through Quality Service
   How Can I Get Myself To Do What I Need To Do?
   How to Coach an Effective Team
   How to De-Junk Your Life
   How to Get Things Done
   How to Supervise People
   Increasing Employee Productivity
   Leadership Series Training Course
   Leadership Skills for Women
   Making Humour Work
   Managing Change at Work
   Managing Disagreement
   Managing for Commitment
   Managing Project Teams
   Managing Time
   Men and Women Working Together
   Motivation and Goal Setting
   Powerful Communication Skills
   Powerful Presentation Skills
   Preventing Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace
   Productivity Series
   Project Management Skills for Non Project Managers
   Quality Focused Supervision
   Quality Management
   Risk Management
   Sales Preparedness
   Schedule & Cost Control
   Scope & Requirements
   Strategic Planning Skills
   Successful Hiring
   Successful Management Series
   Successful Negotiation
   Successful Termination
   Team Development Series
   Team Leadership
   Team Problem Solving
   Telephone Collections/Debt Chasing
   Telephone Communication Series
   The Art of Communication
   The Art of Organisation
   The Art of Stress Management
   The Business of Listening
   The Cornerstones of Sales and Customer Service
   The Employee Hunt: Recruiting Good People
   The New Business of Paradigms
   The Power of Telephone Courtesy
   The Rewards of Telephone Courtesy
   Wealth Innovation and Diversity
   Working as a Team

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